Your First Step Towards
Change Starts Here


The Road To Happiness Begins With Your First Step!

I help individuals struggling with Depression and Anxiety learn to improve their mood, reduce isolation and learn new coping skills to better manage their stress.

Like you, my clients have struggled to adjust to the challenges of life and to manage feelings of sadness and anxiety. Despite being the person everyone comes to for help, and appearing to have it all together. LIFE GETS HARD!

When we first meet, they often feel stressed and overwhelmed because they are so used to giving all of themselves, helping the world and never receiving the same in return. They feel like no one understands them or cares about their feelings and when they need a shoulder to lean on, no one offers them a listening ear or emotional support.

They’ve started to lose interest in things they used to enjoy such as going out, hanging with friends, spending time with family and many other activities. Many have begun isolating themselves and staying home often because they don’t feel like dealing with the world or being bothered, yet they don’t know why they’re feeling this way.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life." 
- Emma Stone

Others have been hurt by their family, friends and those they love, often being criticized or shamed because of their identity. Some, despite having a close relationship with their family, often find the relationships to be strained or not as solid as they would like it to be. They have struggled with toxic relationships in their dating life - to the point that they have started to wonder “Is there something I’m doing wrong?”

For some of my clients their faith in God has continued to be a strong source of support for them however, they have reached a point where they feel that their relationship with God is not as strong as it once was and they want to begin working to build back up their faith.

Before they came to see me, depression and frustration had gotten in the way of their lives; their confidence was low and they felt like they were failing in so many ways. They said to themselves “It’s just life, I need to suck it up and accept it, It’ll go away on its own.” They were scared to talk to a stranger about their problems and felt like they would be judged. And they were pretty certain that they were powerless when it came to managing the relationships in their lives.

I truly understand what you’re going through. I understand the pain, sorrow and hopelessness associated with your feelings and I know the way out.

Like my clients. You deserve to feel happy, supported and actually enjoy your life without feeling depressed and frustrated. Recovery is not out of your reach and if it's what you’re looking for then I’d love to help you get there. You’re not alone. I can help.

Working With Pierre

In my effort to make therapy accessible, I exclusively provide Telehealth/Video Therapy. Many of my clients say that I don't remind them of the typical Therapist. I'm down to earth, funny, welcoming and most importantly I'm "REAL". When working with me, you will feel relaxed enough to be yourself , you will feel heard and perhaps finally feel like "somebody finally gets me." I strive to be supportive and attentive to my clients and to make this entire process comfortable. I choose to work with clients who are motivated for change and willing to do the work necessary to see results. I strive for results and operate with the understanding that Therapy doesn't have to take years to see progress!